View Full Version : 2006 Michiana Racing

Garry Lobaugh
12-20-2005, 03:37 PM
Look for the class structure for MRP and RGR along with the final club race dates and the MRP Rotax Challange dates. They will be posted within a few hours.

A title sponsorship is available for the MRP Rotax events all to be hosted at MRP. It is our goal to make racing "simple and fun". The theme is to stay close to home, enjoy the qualidty five star facilities. Save on fuel by staying with local racing.

Here are the fees for the new season:
Membership dues for Championship points: $50
Race fees $35
Transponder rental $10
Season practice: $225 at MRP $175 at RGR ( no insurance)
Advance Registration at MRP $350 pays for all 13 races. RGR $300 for the race dates. This offer expires Jan 7th 2006.
Class sponsorship: $300
Title sponsorship $2500
Banquet Sponsorhip $1500
Parking fees $30 for paved for the weekend.
Reserved parking $250.
Call Rony Miron for the year end special on all of the above subjects. Offer ends Jan 7th.

Look for the class listing and rules for 2006 on the web site in the next 24 hours. A few new things are on the agenda.
Our primary goal is to continue to put fun back into racing. We are reducing the number of classes in order to make a simplified program and to increase local competition. A good number of new drivers have already signed up for 2006.
Come enjoy Michiana Racing. It is " simple and fun" racing.