View Full Version : Tri-C Club Race ROTAX/TaG

Andy Seesemann
04-11-2004, 09:40 PM
Tri-C runs a ROTAX/TaG class that is scored seperate and run together.

28 total entries.

6 of the top 7 for the start of the main were birel and/or EasyKarts.

A Leopard/CRG took the overall win, although he was racing TaG at 370, and the ROTAXes took the next 3 spots at 385lbs. (if we raced TaG, we would be at 365lbs)

ROTAX class:

1. 2002 birel CR32 w/o front brakes (Ian Thomas)
2. 2003 birel R-31 (Mike Mautner)
3. 2003 Monza Z-32 (Andy Seesemann)
4. 2003 birel R-31 (Frank Powell)

Not a bad day for FTK ROTAX customers.


Eric Chappell
04-12-2004, 07:30 PM

Nice results...

Any tips on a base line set-up for the Monza Z32...We will be in the Monza for the first MRP/Rotax Challenge this weekend. I've only had the opportunity to test one day with the Monza/Rotax and had a little trouble with rear grip (mid-corner).


Andy Seesemann
04-13-2004, 10:45 PM

I only drove it Friday for about 50 laps and Saturday for 25, so the setup is far from perfect. The track had a lot of grip as this club draws 200 entries and the day before had at least 75 people there including Speed, Scuito, Mandarino, Ingham, Caballero and our very own Wesley Boswell. So, there was lots of shifter rubber on the track as well. I ended up with a 1000mm D axle with the stock 100mm hubs at 55". I ran my Freeline Mag wheels because those had tires on them. I ran 25mm of spacers inside of the wheels on each front wheel, and the front of the kart in the lowest position with the front bar in. I ran neutral on the caster and camber, but next time I am going to take 1/2 deg out of the caster.


Eric Chappell
04-23-2004, 08:38 PM
Thanks Andy...

We ended up with a 4th place with pretty much box stock Monza. We ran 54 3/4" in the rear with the stock rims, front and side rails in, stock axle etc. We are using the shifter version which actually helps with weight distribution and the Monza seems to find more rear grip as the front track is widened. No real complaints, as more was gained in each session through driver improvements, not chassis changes. I guess it's always best to get the chassis 'close' and fine tune the driving. Much more was to be gained through additional track time.