View Full Version : Michiana Racing Oct1and 2nd

Garry Lobaugh
09-27-2005, 03:28 AM
This is one of those double up weekends. The region offers racing on Saturday and Sunday. RGR will complete their 13th race of the season. The arrive and drive program is heating up as 10 drivers are expected to attend RGR. This is considered our Championship race. The weather looks good and all racers are urged to attend the RGR last race of the season.

MRP ( formerly South Bend Raceway Park) will have a race as well at the North Liberty location. Once again, arrive and drive, spectator racing, and normal club classes will be operating. We will return to our Saturday night program kid kart program.

This is also the weekend that my oldest daughter Molly will be married. This is a weekend that I will devote exclusively to that treasured event. Thus, the MRP and RGR staff will be looking for help. Brent and Rony can not do it all. Of course when Molly is married, that means, no Caroline, Tim, or Chris at the tracks either. Diane rules on this one!

I urge all customers to pitch in to help our overly stretched staff to make this a good conclusion to a very exciting season. We wish to continue the momentum of the new karting explosion in the region. Many new buyers are looking to get involved after this recent rush of publicity regarding the Rotax event.

Ballots will be out at both tracks for the awards nominations and the "Sportsman of the year" voting.

The previous Sportsman winners will take charge of the voting. I thank you all in advance for your continued support of Michiana Racing!