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Garry Lobaugh
09-19-2005, 03:30 AM
These are historic moments in the life of MRP. I want to say a special thanks to all MRP Championship racers who attended and have pitched in over this past weekend. As you all know, we are hosting the 2005 Rotax Grands. It took sacrifice on everyone's part in order to facilitate this past weekends event. I certainly want to say thank you for allowing my family and staff to showcase our company.

While it may appear to a few of you a great deal of agitation to ask to give up your paid pit spots, or to have to endure such a long race event, but in the big picture, this weekend did a lot to show the karting world community what MRP is all about. You'll be reading more about that in the near future.

As I stated in the drivers meeting, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me personally. It is one that I have enjoyed and will savor every sweet moment of our success.

Did you know, that MRP had over 25 paid staff working this past Sunday. Yet at the end of the day, it was Brent and Garry locking the doors, cleaning up, and with only a very few hours of sleep both of us will be on duty at 6:30 AM Monday to move in and host another full two days of practice for the Rotax Grand participants.

MRP of South Bend has come a long way in the past 19 months since taking over the former South Bend Raceway Park. It is now known as MRP. That stands for Michiana Raceway Park. It tells the world where we are and what we do. This is the final phase of our project as the Pace Pavilion will be completed just in time for the Wednesday official start of the 2005 Rotax Max Grands. Old Bob's Barn and Conlin Cement have pitched in to make this last minute addition to the property a success. Thank you Rick Hall and Billy Conlin and family for your fantatic support. A special Thanks goes out to Pace American Trailer Company for there very loyal committment to the entire karting community and in particular their support of MRP.

For those who were stunned about the $7 daily transponder charge on Sunday morning, let me explain! At the last minute I realized what a huge work load that Karrie and Linda were going to be taking on in a short 90 minute time span. I didn't want confusion or the appearance of favorites to local racers while we had important world wide guests standing in the same line. So I just said " transponder rentals $ 7 bucks. " That made it less confusing to everyone.. All of the money earned from club members will be returned at the banquet in the form of prizes or a special prize.

When Mel sold me the property, he charged me full price for everything, radios, transponders, the concession trailer and all. So, everywhere else in the country there is a transponder fee in order to recoup the cost of the equipment. These past two years MRP has not charged club racers a fee.

Now to next week:
Kid kart night will turn into a Kid Kart event at Rolling Green Raceway on Saturday afternoon at 1 PM. The normal Saturday night kid kart orientation and race program will begin with practice and conclude with a race event at the very popular RGR located in Buchanan, Michigan ( formerly MRP). We need 10 racers to make this happen! Please call the Three Oaks store to confirm if you are interested in this event. Ask for Steve and make your reservations. Kid karts ( seven total) and JR. League Karts 4 total are available for rent at the standard price.

Staff is needed and I pay for people to help assist in this event.

I do hope that all of you reading this message will take time out over one of the three race days this upcoming week to stop out and watch the very exciting Rotax Max Challenge. This is going to be the best racing you will ever witness in this area. This is a historic opportunity. Take advantage of the moment.

mike wolf
09-20-2005, 01:04 PM
Last Sunday was my first time to the track for some real racing. It was fantastic! You and your staff have done an awesome job preparing the facility. It is going to be a long winter waiting to be able to participate next year.
In regards to this weekends racing, do you have an outline of what events will be taking place each day of racing? I'd love to be able to come out all 3 days and live there, but have other obligations I have to fit in!

mike wolf

Garry Lobaugh
09-22-2005, 08:05 PM
Due to a lack of interest, ( no one called to reserve a spot) there will be no kid kart racing in Michiana this Saturday.

I am sorry to have to announce this. Garry