View Full Version : Michiana Racing Sept 17,18

Garry Lobaugh
09-12-2005, 06:18 AM
A busy week is directly ahead. It is show time in Michiana as the eyes of the world will be focusing on our community. Here is a time line:

Friday will see our first Rotax Grands visitors arrive at the MRP property located in North Liberty. Tents will go up and a huge crowd is expected to practice and race non stop until Sept 25th when the finals are held.(Wednesday, the 21st the track is closed) RGR is open for anyone needing time on a track!

At the same time the MRP race team is off to Wisconsin for the WKA Grands.

Yet, this Saturday will provide another of the Rolling Green Raceway Championship points races in Buchanan, Michigan with a number of new guest attending for an arrive drive program. ( Does anyone need a job for the next few days? Contact Rony at the 574-288-4922 number. We need help!)

MRP has an urgent request for the Sunday race: We need a flagman. Matt Long will be traveling to the WKA event to work the Grands and we will miss his colorful display of flag art work!

I want to thank everyone for this past weekends events and effort at bringing the properties in Michiana to full bloom. Remember our goal is to put
"fun back into racing"! The entire MRP staff is attempting in every way to make the properties and the atmosphere a positive experience for everyone.

A schedule of events:
Friday practice at MRP of So Bend using the first gate or the spectator gate.
Saturday practice at MRP of So Bend using the East gate until 4 PM. At that time we will move the sign in gate to the West side to accommodate our heavy turn out of Jr. League and kid kart racers. 5 PM The track is closed for practice and our Saturday night Kid Kart program kicks off.
Saturday at RGR the gates open at 9 .A.M. and practice starts at 10 with our normal race day schedule.
Sunday at MRP of So Bend, the East gate opens at 7 AM and will close at 9 AM. Any Rotax arrivals after 9 AM on Sunday will come to the first gate ( Spectator entrance) where we will line you up for the move in event at the conclusion of Sunday's races.

I expect to run the exact format that the Grands will run in terms of track configurations, warm up laps,and length of race. We will not run a hot pit or the parc ferme. But each group ( Mini, Jr. International, Masters, and RM 1) will be separated for their races on this day.

Once the on track event is concluded for MRP Rotax Max Challange and the MRP Championship races, the track will be closed to all except the following: A "Rock Kart" corporate outing
Kid Kart practice
Rotax Engine break in. All other drivers are urged to exit quickly so we may locate as many of the new arrivals at their designated pit spot in preparation for a very busy Monday and Tuesday.

Monday the 19th: The East gate re-opens at 7 A.M. for Rotax arrivals and a two day practice fee and pit passes will be sold. Practice will start at 9 a.m. with an engine break in session. Our practice schedule will be by class. I am open to any suggestions you have on this: Here is a starting point:
Rotax International 10 minutes, RM 1 10 minutes, Rotax international 10 minutes, Mini Max 10 minutes Rotax Juniors 10 minutes, Rotax masters 10 minutes. The idea is that each class gets one ten minute round per hour. Based on the entries, the International group has a huge turnout and thus deserve two ten minute sessions. Please feel free to offer positive comments on this proposal so I can have a practice order published prior to Monday morning. Thus practice is 9 hours straight! If you are prepared you should be able to get 9 sessions in prior to our 6 PM cut off!

By the way the Saturday 17th practice will be controlled in some method.

For Monday and Tuesday, Em's will be on duty and a race director present.

At 6 PM Tuesday evening, practice is complete and a corporate event may be run at this time. We will offer a special crew chiefs challange event for those wanting to taste the track. After telling your driver what they have been doing wrong all day, the drivers may just buy the crew chief a free ride to see how well they do with our Rock karts!

Wednesday will be "move in day" I hand the keys over to Marshall and then he takes over with the schedule as posted.

If any of you have special needs or requirements, please let us know early so we can attempt to assist in any way possible.

I do have rooms left at the Day's Inn for the 16,17 dates and a few rooms left for the week of the event for any last minute needs you may have. Just call the Day's Inn 574 233 3131 and reference Garry Lobaugh and they will do their best to fill your needs. But call now, please.

Did I mention 93.3.. the FM station is our local broadcast channel so consider bringing a battery operated boom box to listen to special announcements.

Tire disposal fee: MRP will provide used tire disposal for a fee, but please don't put your tires in the trash or try to hide them on the property. I already have a life time supply of used tires. All competitors are required to remove tires from the property or arrange for proper disposal with the MRP staff.

Weather for the moment remains hot and dry. I'd still suggests bringing warm clothes and rain gear just in case!