View Full Version : Sept 11th Michiana Racing

Garry Lobaugh
09-07-2005, 08:07 PM
An MRP Championship Club race will be taking place at MRP of South Bend this Sunday. Track and facility improvements continue. The big square red crash pillow is now missing from the entry of the new corner, thus improving driver vision and safety. What has replaced the crash pillow is a set of rumble strips, just aggressive enough to slow a driver down if they cut the corner, yet safe enough to keep from launching a kart. The exit and the inside apex point of the corner have the same preparation. Be sure to check the new improvements before driving on the track.

MRP will offer Rotax arrive and drives for this weekend's club event. Contact Rony at 574-288-4922 for the special pricing.

Kid kart night continues this Saturday starting at 4:30 for orientation and 5 pm for the beginning students who will alternate the track with the returning hot shoes. Last weekend we hosted 18 kid karts and Jr. League drivers. One grandfather brought out 5 of his grand children.. Five of the eighteen drivers were young ladies which is a great sign of the diversification of our sport. Please remember to call ahead to make reservations for any of the MRP equipment.

MRP has set a new goal for the 2006 season. We are looking to add 50 new Junior drivers to the program! The numbers of new participants are growing weekly thanks to the hard efforts of all of you. I am certain that local race programs will improve as parents search for quality time with their kids right in their own back yard.

On the weekend of the 18th, all parking in the fenced area, even the grass will be by reservation. The free spots will be just outside the East gate, all other spots will be reserved with Rony at the office. We are attempting to facilitate the move in of our 2005 Rotax Grands participants who will arrive next week. The 18th will be a huge event for the last MRP Rotax Challenge event. Starting on the 15th we expect a steady build up of arrivals and practice participants. Yet, on the 17th we will once again close the track at 5 PM in order to maintain our Kid Kart momentum.

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