View Full Version : Huge Thanks!!

Mark Grabill
09-03-2005, 05:37 PM
Just want to say thanks to all the guys at MRP for all of their help this past week. I am sure lots of you know what you get into when buying a used kart. These guys have gone out of their way to help me get it prepared safely for racing. We had all sorts of problems today at Rolling Green, but we were able to sort through them with their help. So again, HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU GUYS!!! and hope to see you all next sunday at SBRP!
BTW knocked 1.4 seconds off time from qualifying to feature, so things were beginning to click with the kart (if only I can keep it running)

Garry Lobaugh
09-03-2005, 10:41 PM
It is nice that a customer would take time out to respond with such kind words. I assure you that you had the " A team" in place up at RGR. Our focus is to provide a race date each weekend during the Summer between the two properties. Believe me we were stretched this weekend.

For example, You had Brent our top instructor and Wes Boswell our top national driver all working for customers to provide support to all drivers regardless of the their brand of go kart. Our belief is that a well informed customer will rise to top rung of their talents. Talent is often measured not in a "natural" sense, but in the persistence and practice that the team is willing to endure. When Caroline ( one of the owners and our latest college grad) reported the daily flow of events: I responded: oh, that team was out practicing this week, or that team tried the right tires..etc etc. If you want to run up front, the only thing that customers need to do is ask, " how do I get there?" We have the answers and the support personnel. Just let us know your objectives and we will help " fill your need for speed!"

At the same time this event was taking place on Saturday at RGR of Buchanan, the rest of us were working with new customers ( 16 for the kid kart night at MRP of So. Bend) teaching and preaching the important message that we share with all loyal followers of this great sport. It is so important that you, Mark would share your kind words to the staff, who I am sure were busting their buts to insure that you had a good experience at the RGR property. I can only ask that you bring a friend racing next time. Thanks to all for a great weekend. P.S. I will be sure to copy the staff on your message.