View Full Version : 2003 R31question

Juraj Novota
07-21-2005, 06:28 PM
I have Birel R31 2003 model and use Rotax 125 Max engine.

Chassis Identification number: HOM NO 147CH08

I would like to have seat properly mounted and kart balanced on scales.

1) What are the exact dimensions for proper seat mounting? ( I am 6 tall and 180lb)

2) Where from and how exactly are dimensions measured on the R31 chassis?

3) What is the recommended place to mount battery for Rotax on R31 chassis? (there pinch bolts on the left side of the seat so it would be difficult to install it there, I am not sure that behind the seat on a crossbars is a good location)

4) What is the exact recommended weight distribution when measuring weight distribution on scales?

Thank You,

Juraj Novota, #41Birel