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06-14-2005, 12:32 PM
Hello everybody, good racing last week nobody got hurt. The rain was a pain but all in all a good day. I have a question for everybody . What do you think of the 6 6 8 lap run. Me I liked the old way better. 8 and 10 lap is time for some good old racing that I have come to love at SBRP . It seems by the time everyone is on the move the race is over not to much time for racing. Just a question I was wondering who everybody else felt.

Garry Lobaugh
06-14-2005, 08:24 PM
Let me defend our effort on this subject:

If the fast guy wins qualifying, and then can't get through traffic, what have we taught him for their future in racing. Over the past 20 years of owning RGR we have had the opportunity to learn a bunch through our previous mistakes.

Here is the basic idea:
Give each driver a chance to qualify. TheyIf fast) have a chance to start up front and obviously they should win.. But imagine the poor soul who comes to the track and qualifies last each time! I've been there, and with the hundreds of corporate events we have run, I know how important the feel is to have a chance to lead the race at least for a few seconds can mean to an eager participant.

Thus: we invert the 2nd heat for the slow person ( non rookie) to start up front. This allows us to do two things: One the field has a new leader, and two if the fast guys are patient and disciplined, then they will have passing opportunities and they will learn this exercise. ( That too is a lot of fun) Where else can you get this type of training. At the end, the lowest points total or the one who does the best, winds up winning.

What good does an extra two laps do for a field that is already stretched out? Boring is the answer. But at the same time if disaster strikes on the first heat, you have a double chance to come back and prove yourself. I like your questions, but my goal is to give value for your entry price ( plus the training experience) and two keep the program moving.

I hope lthis answers your questions, but I invite debate. It is much easier for all of the MRP staff to move you in, take your money, and move you out. My intent on this format is to provide value and I think the past experience has taught me this lesson.

Many have said that we are the youngest of the old timers! Ha Ha.
Thanks for your thoughts and stand by for big changes to this site!

Chuck Yoder
06-20-2005, 08:08 PM
All last year we ran a mixed format, half the races we qualified and ran a pre-final and a final, the other half we used a blind draw with 2 heats and a final, the second heat was always inverted from the first. The only difference we are seeing this year is the addition of qualifying. When I used to be an also ran, I loved the blind draw and inverted heats, as I might get to lead, I knew I was going to get passed, but it was great even if it was for a short time. Now that I'm a little faster than I used to be, I still love it as it makes me drive through traffic, and I try to be quick and clean to reach the leaders. As far as the amount of laps, I was at least a little disapointed at the amount of laps when it was first anounced, but at the end of all the races I was tired and ready for them to be over, (old fat guy syndrome) It was also nice to be packed up and ready to leave the track by 5:00. I would personaly like to see just a few more laps, but on the other hand, I tend to make mistakes in the closing laps of longer races due to my conditioning program (or lack there of) (see old fat guy Syndrome above), one of the jokes in the pits is on 95 degree days with 90% humidity I would be happy with 2,2 and 4. Take Care and see you all at the next race.
Chuck Yoder #10 HPV-4