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Will Maze
02-23-2005, 04:46 AM
Gary - After making a mistake in purchasing another brand of kart for my son vs. a Birel, I am definately getting him into a Birel. Now here's the questions: What is the difference in the AR-28 and the AM-29 Jr. models?

Also, I am thinking of getting a kart for myself in the near future. I am 6'3" and 200lbs, and will be running Yamaha Heavy, and HPV 4 classes. What are my options for this?

Garry Lobaugh
02-23-2005, 06:32 AM
The AR28 remains our best performing and handling Jr kart. It has won many races and championships causing other manufacturers to attempt to copy the model. It is all 28 tube and is best suited for the smaller drivers. This thinner tubing (diameter) allows the kids with low upper body weight to transfer the weight in the corners to make the kart work.

The AM 29 is an untested piece that is a blend between 28 frame rails along the sides and 30 mm tubing in the cross sections. It is designed for a bigger driver and for stiffer conditions. It does have the ability to adjust the length of the wheel base with the rear axle bearing cassettes. I recall your son is still young and light weight. My preference is the AR28 in this situation.

For the heavy class, the hottest selling item right now is the M32ST. This past weekend in Europe found the Birel team in position to win but motors failured on with multiple drivers. The superior chassis performance was a standout. Of the final 32 for the field over 1/3 of the drivers were on Birel. Following this weekend's events my fellow importer in England sold his remaining units of the M32 ST(a good number) on Monday morning. This chassis is taking Europe by storm. The product is very customer friendly, easy to drive and easy to tune.

A new convert to Birel ( Adam Johnson ICA out of Marshalltown) did a test with MRP in Austin in January. After his first session he came in all smiles and responded, "now I know while Michael Giessen was so fast all year". Adam joined the MRP Stars team after this test!

An airshipment of these models will arrive today at Three Oaks and only two remain unsold out of that shipment. A second choice will be the Moza A. This is a 32 mm chassis built for the heavy class drivers. Both karts come available in the front brake category if needed. The Monaza model is C and the Birel version is CM.

Jim Holland
02-24-2005, 09:17 PM
Will, my son David ran an AR-28 for the last (2) years. Garry is right when he said it is the best choice if your driver is small and under 100 pounds. It would be my ONLY choice. The frame is ultra tunable and repeatable. This makes set-up so much easier. For the Rotax Jr class it has a reputation for taking drivers to the podium at the Nationals for the past three years... thatís consistency!!

Good luck in 05
Jim Holland

sage karam
02-25-2005, 01:01 PM
My son, Sage karam drove the AM-29 at Daytona WKA Nats in the Yamaha and HPV jr sportsmen classes. Sage only weighs 57 lbs. and is 9 years old. He placed 3rd and 4th. I wasn't aware that the AM-29 was for bigger drivers. He had no problem handling the AM-29, he actually enjoyed driving it.

Garry Lobaugh
02-27-2005, 07:27 PM
There were two models produced as test karts. I can not tell you which chassis you received. We decided after our personal tests to go with the blended tubing of 28 along the frame rails and 30 on the cross. You'll need to verify the size of the cross tubes to confirm please the exact unit you have. The final production model is the blended material. For me the 28 is still the best performing chassis for the smaller drivers. Only 8 remain.