View Full Version : 28mm Cadet Chassis Seat Placement

02-16-2005, 09:12 AM
What are the intended factory measurements for placement of the seat on the new 28CX Cadet chassis? Should I place the seat in a partciular place and fit my driver around it, or put the seat where the scales say it needs to be based on a certain front/rear ratio? If the latter, what ratio?

Garry Lobaugh
02-17-2005, 01:26 PM
Generally we put the seat where it "should"be and adust the pedals and steering to the driver. Measure from the front rail where the drivers heal would rest to the front lip of the seat on the left side-48cm right side 49 cm, bottom of the seat flush with the bottom of the frame rail, and from the top of the axle (40 mm) to the top of the back of the seat is 22cm. This is a starting point for a small seat. hope this helps.

02-17-2005, 03:05 PM
Thanks Garry,
That's close to where we are now. I just needed to be sure I wasn't chasing my tail on tuning. What front and rear track widths are you using as a baseline on these chassis?