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erik leishman
01-01-2005, 08:32 PM
Several months back I asked for help in getting my 32 sp to work. Your recommendations were fantastic and the kart enabled me to win a 60 lap endurance race at the end of the season at my local club in upstate NY. I found that with that set up base line the 32 SP worked best with Vega White in the summer and Vega yellow in the fall.

It is my understanding that Boswell ran the M 32 down at Daytona. He was so balanced and smooth he looked slow : )- but he was flying! Unfortunately I had an All Kart stuck to my radiator after turn 1 so I was able to watch the whole final.

On to my question:
What is the difference between the M 32 and the r 32 SP chassis. I see the placement of the connecting tube on the right side was moved forward about 6 or 7 inches and the seat mont on the left side has been redesigned- what effect does that have? Could it be the M chassis is designed for less grip track situations? or European tire compounds? And most importantly what would be the preffered chassis choice for Beaver run in April?

If you could briefly described the characteristics of each chassis choice that would be great- 31r, 32 Sp and the M 32.

Thanks in advance- this forum is filled with extremely helpful information.

PS- Congratulations to MRP / Bozwell and Kiram/OVRP

Garry Lobaugh
01-02-2005, 09:49 PM
Logan Gomez deserves first blood here! (WKA day one winner on new M) Logan is a local kid who has very little time for practice but has a very dedicated family to his race efforts. Add in the mix of Tim Lobaugh the tuner ( four out of the past five years Tim has tuned a national champion, the off year was a number 3 place for his driver). Logan was on the M. Boswell, tuned by rival and brother Chris Lobaugh also did a heck of a job with his new M. 2nd day one and first day two which puts him in the lead for WKA 2005 championship.

So why the M? Did I tell you the story about Alex Speed? When he had to win the Stars Championship he went to Birel. Not only did he win the race, but this insured his championship. Beggio ( 5 time world champ), attended Skusa 2004 Vegas and returned to Italy with one word( M). It seems that the Italians had just achieved a 1.2. finish in Europe with the latest M design and it accomplished all of the shortcomings of the R from 2003. Hell, we had a great season in 2003 with the R and we continued to have an even better season in 2004 with the R.

But in their creativity( or is it marketing?) the Birel Spa team came up with an even better mouse trap called M.

After Vegas, I made the critical decision to fly in M chassis that never reached America previously( don't want to confuse Americans with too many choices so we only imported R) to have the latest material just because Beggio said M. The message by Beggio was received and understood by MRP.

Boswell had a misfortune in the early heat at Stars Orlando (as most of his 04 season was), but in this case he proved his value. He had to move from last of a big field to finish I think 7th. While Speed who was totally off the radar after Vegas came marching through the ranks on his new M to win. All MRp drivers had the options of an M. Boz and Speed took advantage of it and did a splendid job.

Erik, you are a very techical guy, I'll have the real answer to your question ( the official company line i.e. Chris) in the early A.M. Hope you get your dealer to create an invite to the special Austin Texas Race School, it will be worth it on Jan 29th.. Invitation only!

erik leishman
01-03-2005, 01:59 PM
Gary- thanks for your prompt response. I am excited about the prospects of the M chassis. I look forward to Chris's response. Feel free tp contact me directly at Erik_leishman@reservefunds.com. I'll speak to Fredericks at OVRP later today about Austin.

erik leishman
01-05-2005, 04:13 PM
Gary- I know you guys must be busy getting back from WKA- just want to make sure you did not forget about me.

Chris Lobaugh
01-07-2005, 08:14 AM
I'll try to get Chris up on the forum.. Let's just put it this way. Watch what I do and not what I say. 95% of the new chassis that we import this year will be the M model for shifters. But I'll see what the technical explaination is. Everyone is going a 110 mph at the moment with Austin, the Italian visit, and getting ready for Florida winter tour, let alone with Tim heading off for the Canary Islands. Thanks for your reminder.

erik leishman
01-07-2005, 12:57 PM
I appreciate that- whether I build on the experience you all have on the R 32 SP or move over to a M 32 SP- one thing is for sure- As soon as the weather breaks I will come to South Bend for a day or two and work with your coaches on a few things. its one thing to be fast locally, totally another thing to be fast quickly new tracks.

I will refine the question so it will be easier to answer:

The problem I had with setting up the R 32 SP was in keeping the back from getting loose as the tires came in. Never able to lay the power down. With your help it got better, but never really got there.

The M seems to have a slightly different front end geometry- does this make it easier to tune from the front end?

We managed to get the 32 SP to be fast on the fall with the Vega Yellow, but not with the YHB's-

I know the SP has run up front and won many races for Birel- but if you are going to focus your time on the M moving forward, then I may need to stay with the program.

Good luck with the opening of the Austin complex

Garry Lobaugh
01-24-2005, 07:55 PM
The results and driver satisfaction continue to say CM. Please think about coming to Austin for your school early.. Air fair is cheap!