View Full Version : 4 out of 4 podiums for Sage

sage karam
12-31-2004, 11:17 AM
I am pleased to report that Sage Karam won a championship and a 4th in the cadet class in Daytona. The 9 year old also got the pole award on both days. He was on the Birel cadet, as usual. More surprisingly, he competed in the Yamaha Jr. Sportsman and the HPV Jr. Sportsman classes for the FIRST time ever. He got 3rd in the Yamaha and a 4th in the HPV class. Sage was on the new Birel AM-29 chassis. This chassis was unbelievable!! It was the first time he was ever on this new model and it was amazing. The adjustability of this new piece is a tuner's dream. Great work Sage, OVRP and Birel!!!

Garry Lobaugh
01-02-2005, 09:31 PM
This is a very good report and I thank you for providing the information. There is a special test day coming up for all National Birel drivers like Sage in Austin Texas for all MRP dealers.(space is limited) Make sure you contact your dealer to find out the details as we want to make sure that Sage keeps on charging forward with great success. He has all of the potential at such a young age and with such a fine marketing family like yourselves. Thanks for keeping the forum updated. The AM 29 will go head to head with some of our other fine models in a shoot out at the new Iron Rock Raceway track on Jan 29th with the Italian race team in attendance. This is a really great report!