View Full Version : Rotax Master Chassis Question.

Greg Clarke
11-26-2004, 10:07 PM
I see from these other messages that the R32 or M32 should be a good chassis for a Master Class Rotax racer. My concern comes from the fact that I have had people suggest that the Birel chassis is a little to soft for long term use for this weight class. Which brings about a few questions.

How durable is this chassis?
How long could this chassis last in a 400lb class?

Can anyone offer a comparison to an Intrepid Suzuka? (Another chassis recommended for Rotax Masters class.)

Appreciate the advice.

Garry Lobaugh
11-27-2004, 05:14 PM
I've had customers running a blended (30-32) chassis for six years and still setting track records. The last day the customer used the kart his brakes failed and he drove into a field post and bent the chassis beyond repair. The next week we put a new chassis on the track ( Q31 which is a blended 30-32) and he eclipsed the previous week's track record by.07 of a second. The story is a new chassis is usually always faster than a used chassis. In this case not by much!

In the situation of a 32 mm chassis it is the stoutest of what we make. Birel has dominated the 44 hp ( gearbox classes) world wide for nearly a decade. As you know the gear box chassis have tremendous torque and the tend to treat any chassis like a pretzel. Yet they are built tough and can last 4-6 years. The only people who seem to bring up this soft story are those who are trying to undercut the quality of the brand. It could be that they are jealous of our success world wide. From our experience Birels are strong and win races.

There is a comprimise for comfort,longevity and winning. In this case the design of every part of the chassis is established to build a spring action to allow the chassis to turn into the corner when the driver points it there. Our chassis are a lot easier to drive than almost any on the market. So a driver trained on the stiffer chassis will have a bad habit of throwing the kart into the corner. To move from a Margay, Tony, or CRG to Birel takes a retraining of the driver. But in terms of performance and longevity "Birels Work!" When you turn in the chassis goes in the direction pointed.

I still have 8 year old 32 mm chassis being used and satisfying customers driving needs. But if you read the thread by Andy Seesman who is the current national Rotax Masters Champion, he testifies his personal expience and customer performance at the 400 lb category. At the moment I know he is at the Cal State Championships and is not able to read your question. Perhaps he can add to this thread and offer additional comments.

I do say a national driver will change out his chassis more frequently regardless of brand name. It might be a psychological thing, or it may be a real performance gain. In our 18 years of kart racing, new is always faster. When is the old chassis worn out? That's a subject for another discussion.

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