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Ken Maxfield
11-17-2004, 11:11 AM
I want to upgrade my equipment for 2005. I run in the Rotax Masters, and my son runs in the International class. Our local dealer supports CRG, Birel, and Tony Kart. I am leaning toward new Birel equipment. What Birel chassis do you recommend for Masters, and International? Are there any new chassis for 2005 that would be best for either of these two classes? If so when would the 2005 models be available?

Andy Seesemann
11-18-2004, 03:22 PM

If you look at the results the last few years, you will see that birels have been consistent performers at the front of National Rotax fields. The confusing thing is that these superb results have been achieved on several different models.

Tim Lobaugh won the 2001 ROTAX Nationals on a Q31Z. This model also won Masters in 2002 and 2003. I placed second in 2002 on an R32-Z model in Masters. At the 2004 Team Cup race in Vegas, against almost 30 other Masters drivers, I finished second on an R31-Sp. In Junior Max this year, an R31 was what the winner was on, beating out 2 birel AR-28 chassis on the podium. In Masters this year, I won the Masters National Championship on an R32-Sp, my 3rd straight top 2 finish at a National level race at Vegas on the third different chassis model.

The Q line used to be the dominant series for this application, I think that mantle has been passed to the R series. That being said, I just returned from the dealer trip to the birel factory in Italy, and the next great chassis series is the M series. The factory is convinced that the M32 is a better chassis than the others. If you look at Alex Speed's results in ICC in Orlando, its hard to argue against that.

I start testing the M this weekend.

I am convinced that the R32 is a good safe choice. I don't think that you can go wrong with it if you find one or two to buy. It flat out works, just ask me. Now is the test to see how much better the M chassis is. I think that you can make all birel chassis work well. The results prove that.

Hope that helped.


Ken Maxfield
11-19-2004, 09:54 AM

Thanks for the reply. The thing that is drawing me to Birel is support. There appears to be more information available on how to setup the karts and make them work than there is on CRG or Tony (which are the other brands supported by my local dealing M Squared in Salt Lake City).

I noticed your success in Vegas-- I was 15 karts behind you at the finish line. This was my first year in racing. I bough a used PTK and it served me well this season, but now I want to take it to the next level.

Assuming that I trust that the new M series will be a hit, What M series chassis are new for 2005, what model would be best for Masters, and what model for International, and when will they be available? I want to get myself and my son new equipment for 2005.

Garry Lobaugh
11-20-2004, 02:54 AM
In follow up to Andy's comments and your question which M? Only two choices are available. The CM32 is a front brake kart with ten degree spindles.
The M32 is a non front brake kart with twelve degree spindles. Participating dealers should have orders in with MRP for an early December shipment of the 05 material. Only a few of the 04 M model karts arrived. Speed was on an 04 CM32SP.

After Andy's win it is my view that the Masters group will go with the 32 mm choice. Garry

Ken Maxfield
11-20-2004, 02:45 PM
So for Masters class the M32 would be a great choice. How about International class? Would it be better to go with the M32, or R31?

Andy Seesemann
11-21-2004, 12:13 PM

We just had a race yesterday, and we obtained some results I'd like to share.

As I am the promoter of the GATORZ series, I cannot race in it. I do however, bring a kart out on Friday to practice, test, or offer test drives. This time, I brought out the new M32 that I received last week to test with. I mounted my seat in it and fixed a ROTAX motor to it. I set the front end at my standard beginning position, neutral pills at each point, 3mm toe out, front bar in, 30mm of spacers inside of each DSM wheel, front end in the lower of the two positions. I had the the standard 50mm "F' axle in with 100mm hubs at 55inches wide, chassis standard height (the higher position) and the side bar out. I drove it a few sessions to break in a motor, only taking .5 deg castor out and getting a little better results.

One of our TaG competitors, (a KRT team driver) came to me because he had blown his Leopard motor and asked if I had a ROTAX he could race. He was leading the championship and needed to race to win. I just let him drive the entire package, as he could give good feedback and help me test.

He jumped in and even though the seat was too big and the kart was setup for me, he immediately matched his fastest time of the day in his kart. Over the course of the afternoon, we worked on gearing and carburetion because he said the kart was very close. We then narrowed the front by 10mm on each side and he picked up 3 tenths. Finally we took the front bar out and he picked up another 4 tenths. At the end of the day, he had gone almost 7 tenths faster than he had in his own kart.

The next morning, he mounted his seat in it. He went out in practice and was the fast kart. We put 85mm hubs on the rear and put new tires on for qualifying. He went out and qualified on pole by 4 tenths. His pole (at the 365lbs we require for ROTAX in TaG) was off the ROTAX pole of AJ Weber by 5 hundreths, with the ROTAX weight 10lbs lighter. Over the course of the day, we didn't touch the kart and he dominated. He won the heat by 6 seconds and won the main by more than 10 seconds.

He said that the kart was the best handling kart he had ever driven. He didn't have to fight it like he does his KRT to coax a fast lap out of. It was very smooth over the bumpy sections of the track and was very easy to drive. Finally, he said that it was the same from beginning to end of our very long races.

In summary, it works great at ROTAX Int'l weight.


Ken Maxfield
11-21-2004, 10:51 PM
Andy and Garry,

I will get two of these "M" chassis on order. I appriciate the help and support in selecting a chassis! I like the idea of having two identical chassis for me and my son. It makes parts and setup easier.

Thanks for the help.

Ken Maxfield

Garry Lobaugh
11-23-2004, 05:24 AM
Fantastic story! I hope this test driver comes on board after such stunning results!