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Garry Lobaugh
11-15-2004, 06:42 AM
If you have not heard, Alex Speed wins the race in Orlando and the Championship. When Alex had to win, he chose the Birel name to guarantee his results. For the 2nd year in a row MRP/Birel has won the year end Major event. Last year it was Bozwell and this year it is Speed. For sure the product worked as advertised. For those who might not have been at the recent Vegas SKUSA super nats, the conclusion from Jean Beggio was, we must have the M chassis. I flew these karts in as requested by the Birel SpA management.
When we arrived at Motorsports at the factory with the dealer tour I asked Beggioi: Which chassis? His response: Everything M! It was that simple.

Speed, Bozwell, SChreiber, Branham all had the new M chassis. They worked. While Friday's results were not perfect the 4 Italian tuners assisted Tim and Chris along with Mike speed to bring home a successful conclusion. Other high lights was Joel Miller who won the pre-final in ICA on a 2 year old Q31 Z. He then fell back to 37th in the final and came back to 3rd for podium.

In the cadet: Sage Karem was in the lead, but then got booted with his L-3 model. He finished 4th, but for sure Sage did a great job for all of us.

In the other categories I have not taken time out to do the analysis, but the k