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03-24-2004, 05:50 PM

My son is turning 8 this year and will move into a different class from the kid kart. What is your recommendation in moving him? I hear from all sorts to get him into a "cadet" kart, and then I hear that no one in the area really runs the cadet class. Then I hear that the way to go is Jr. Sportsman (Yamaha KT100S with small carb., and exhaust restrictor). What chassis can you set me up with?

Also, we run at East Lansing, and Jackson (why they put in a concrete surface is a mystery to me). We do not run the kid kart at your track or South Bend, as SB and the kid kart is basically a novelty act between sessions from the big kids. But we do want to in the future....


Bill Donovan

Garry Lobaugh
03-25-2004, 02:49 AM
This is a good question that affects a growing population base in karting. Previously I have reported that 20% of our new customer business is coming in the form of the Kid kart/baby kart market. Whether all of these karts make it to the race track is another story. The used market for kid karts shows anything good getting snapped up instantly.

So where do these 5-8 year olds go? Well at our track our only choice is to move up to the 7-12 year old division of Jr. Sportsman with a KT100 and small carb. On the West Coast the cadet kart thing is huge. Usually the West is two years ahead of the Mid West. Mike at Intense is starting a new division ( sorry not another class!) for the kids that are coming out of baby and are yet too small to compete in the Jr. Sportsman class. His decision is prompted by a seriious enjury to a young driver that had to bolt piles of lead to his cadet kart to make the minimum weight. Thus the new offering is as follows: KT 100 motor, small carb and small exhaust (YBX). The minimum weight is200 lbs. The advantage of the Cadet is the shorter wheel base allowing the driver to make it around the corners with the strength that the little drivers can exert. It makes sense to me if you have the luxery of another class. It is something that MRP will experiment with this year.
Now to the specifics of your problem: the region doesn't have the option, and most likely Jackson and E. Lansing aren't excited about adding another class.
By default, your only choice is a compromise. The AR28 (950mm wheel base vs a full size kart at 1040) is the best for the Jr. Sportsman application.
We have had a huge demand for this kart and used pieces get snapped up as quickly as they turn up as trade ins. The kart is a 28 mm tube frame that with a 30 mm axle is ideal for the light weight Jr. Sportsman driver. It is successful in all climates. My conclusion ( long winded) is to realize the practical side. If your track choices don't allow a cadet chassis in the Jr. Sportsmand KT100 class, then move to the AR28. If they do allow the cadet and you have a light weight driver, invest in the cadet for two years, then move up to the AR28. Most shops will work with you on a trade in of the materials as you move along in your karting experience.

Thanks for asking the question and hopefully we will see you at the track. MRP opens this weekend . Garry

04-01-2004, 07:57 PM

Thanks for the information. Now I am curious as to the age I can move my son into the Jr. Sportsman class. I've heard it is the day the child turns 8. However, I read in your reply 7-12. Could I move him up at 7 into a Jr. Sportsman package when he turns 7 this June? If so, would I be able to run at both MRP and South Bend? I know that there is a GREAT variance in speed and power moving from a 50cc to 100cc - He's had PLENTY of seat time to move up, do you think that the move would be at all harsh? I don't want him to "freak out" with the difference... What do you suggest with this?

As for the chassis. I'm going to go with the AR-28. I might as well since both E. Lansing, and Jackson do not have a cadet class. Could you possibly quote me on a new AR-28 complete package? Email: phase1racing@aol.com

Lastly, If I were to move my boy into the Jr. class, what are my options with the motor? I hear you can blueprint, and then I hear you can't. My thinking is not to blueprint the motor since I'm running a smaller carb, and exhaust...

Once again, thanks for your help and advice on this topic.

Bill Donovan