View Full Version : Waco Texas

Garry Lobaugh
10-18-2004, 05:48 AM
I did a sneak investigation out at the Heart of Texas Karting track in Waco, Tx, one of the oldest facilities in the nation. It was the Texas Kid Kart shootout. This was great to see the Birel penetration at this facility. It was also fun to watch a group of these drivers all out competing. As you know 20% of our total volume out the door are kid karts. We just don't have any racing locally. So it was really good to see these customers in action.

Congrats to SpeedWerks and Kam Karting for their great promotion of Kid Karts in Texas.

Take note of the IRL/Stars press release with Michael Geissen and that fine looking Birel ICC package. Top coverage for Birel and it all happened thanks to the heroic effort of SMR ( Speedwerks Motor Sports). Thanks Sam and Ryan Cooper for making this come together! It is good press for all of us and something that each dealership needs to assist in promoting the product for the benefit of all.

Final thought: You've heard it before, but I'll keep hammering away=="one can only manage that activities that lead to results and not the results themselves". Try telling that one to a Jr. Dad ( ha!) But all of us as dealers can certainly start planning for the upcoming season with seminars, open houses, mall shows etc to help boost sales in the months directly ahead. Only you can make it happen. Good luck!