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09-03-2004, 07:54 PM
We started out twelve years ago racing street stocks and worked up to super late models and was very succesfull. Well, as you can understand it is no big secret that running stock cars is VERY expensive, and our leading sponsor had to back out after five years with us. So, the desicion has almost been made to sell out and go to karts since there is a couple of tracks here local, and we think it will be much better money wise and still get as much competitive enjoyment. And, my questions are these.....
(1) Our driver is 5'9'' 175lb 32 years old, what class should we start out in?
(2) How much should we expect to spend off the bat and what do we need parts wise?
(3) Is there a good kart handling book out there, maybe Steve Smith's book?

Garry Lobaugh
09-06-2004, 03:05 AM
Good questions:
For the class choice: You have racing experience at most likely are in good shape. Thus the Rotax or a similar push button and start type engine package at 29 HP should keep your interest. If you had no racing experience I would encourage the KT100 SSX restricted can class.

If you are really athletic and like to arm wrestle with tigers, then I'd say 125 stock honda.

The set up books can be misleading. Certainly Steve Smith's material is good but may not work for our particular brand "Birel". We recently trained with a set of drivers that came from a domestic brand and the set up techniques used by that group was just the opposite as to what we use. Your best investment in this case is to deal with one of our 3 Star MRP/Birel dealers.

The 3 Star is a ranking that displays an understanding of the product and a volume level that insures parts availability when needed.

Economy Rotax prices are $4500 new and Premium is $5700. The difference is in the quality of the parts used to produce the kart. In terms of spares:
extra wheel set
left and right tie rod
steering shaft
chain and gear selection.
kart stand

Top dollar you can spend around $6500. Hope this gives you a starting idea.

09-09-2004, 10:36 PM
thank you garry,
the rotax will be what we are going to try and tame since i am not ready to tame a tiger yet, you have to crawl before you walk in any new class of racing.

there is an mrp / birrel dealer and school in three oaks michigan and i think i will go to there class when we buy the kart for better understanding on set up's, we'll try to stay away from the books since they never gave any good advice in stock car racing either.

it's nice to find a racing sport with as much excitement and probably as much adrenalin rush. each late model we ran cost about $20,000, you always have to have a backup car on hand when your chasing point's. and your loaded with extra parts and set up equipment. not to mention living in the dog house year round cause the wife is mad about the long hours of working on the cars at the shop, it's really never ending.