View Full Version : Thank you Tim and MRP

Ryan Stewart
08-30-2004, 09:01 PM
Thanks for all the help over the weekend at the MIDWEST SPRINTS at SBRP. The kart was awesome, and it felt really great to win both days. As good as it felt on Saturday, Sunday was even better. Thanks again,
Ryan Stewart

Garry Lobaugh
09-02-2004, 12:18 PM
It was really exciting to watch you work the traffic at Mid West. Please recap for everyone starting positions and the number of passes needed to beat the Margay crowd. You certainly created a stir in the pits with your Monza performance. We had many Margay drivers come up to use afterwards wanting to do test drives. Congrats on a great weekend. Garry

Ryan Stewart
09-06-2004, 01:22 PM
On friday we practiced on the monza all day in yamaha light. Tim made some minor chassis changes, and my dad got the rpms and the clutch right where they needed to be. Saturday we qualified on the pole, with Corey Reeves(Margay) out south pole, second row was Joey King and Tony Jump (both on Margays) and third row of Caleb Leniski and Cale Wies, also both on Margays. In the heat race Joey lead the first lap, but I went under him going into turn one, and lead the rest of the way. In the feature we led every lap, with Reeves, and King and Jump doing what they could to keep up. In the last three laps my tires came in and we sort of took off.for the win. Sunday was a bit tougher, since we hadn't put the hpv on the track until Sunday morning. We played catch-up for the 2 practice rounds, and felt we were headed in the right direction. We only qualified 5th, although we had a roller going that might have gotten us the pole, until I dropped a wheel off slightly comming through the esses. In the heat the pack got bottled up in turn one, and it let the top three of Reeves, King and Linieski get away. They had a draft of three Margays going, but by the 5th lap, I started reeling them in. By the last lap I was getting really close, and finished right on there rear bumpers for 4th. We made the right changes for the feature, set the pressures where we felt we needed to be. We also made a gear change, and a slight change on the rear hubs. In the feature the Monza was on rails. I went from 4th to 2nd on the first turn. Going into turn one on the 1st time by I went under Lineski for the lead. It was shorted lived as Corey got by me going into 3. I basically pressured him the rest of the way.The Monza was perfect, so I bided my time and waited for the right oppurtunity to pass for the lead. Corey did everything he could to hold me off, but on the last turn of the last lap I made my move going under his Margay and on to the finish line. Monza 1st, followed by all the Margay guys. The kart was perfect, I could put it anywhere I wanted too. it felt really good to beat all those Margay guys on both days. It was a really great weekend. I highly recomend the Monza chassis.These wins came over some of the top winning Margay drivers. I won, becasue I was on the right kart. Thanks Tim , Gary and MRP.
RYan Stewart