View Full Version : Mosport Ontario Aug 22nd

Garry Lobaugh
08-23-2004, 08:57 AM
Here is an update on the 80cc shifter class at Mosport Ontario from this past weekend.

9 karts in the class. Only one of the top drivers (M Vincec) missing from the group. Testing went well on Saturday. David Wilkings and Patrick Baier were both fast, with David posting the best times.

One practice session on Sunday, David was good at 39.9 and Patrick at 40.5.

Qualifying, David pulled off the track after three laps posting a best of 39.81.
Patrick's qualifying laps were:
giving him pole position on every single lap. Outside pole went to MacLeod at 39.80 with Wilkings third at 39.81.

Racing was great at the front with several lead changes in the heat. At the checkered, it was Patrick, David, Allison MacLeod then Steve Mathews from New Liskeard. ALL BIREL.

Final was a close copy of the heat, with Patrick taking the lead at the start and giving way to a fast charging Wilkings on turn three of the first lap. Patrick took the lead back before the end of the 1st lap while MacLeod, Wilkings and Mathews battled with Lucas Smith for second. Wilkings won the battle, and went after Pat. The two of them pulled away to a commanding lead and put on quite a show with lead changes three or four more times.

Last lap, Patrick led the pair around giving up the lead to Wilkings at the end of the straight. However, David figured he had it "in the bag" and left the door open on the last corner (Patrick's favourite passing spot) and Pat made the perfect pass to take the win on the last corner.

LAPTime was One, Two on the podium with Lucas Smith (First Kart) in a distant third. MacLeod and Mathews then were 4th and 5th. The whole 125 class (16 in the class) was at track side watching the show and cheering (great publicity for LAPTime and Birel !!).

By the way, as a point of interest, both drivers are (as you know) on Birel Q31SP karts. Patrick weighed in at the end at 352lbs and Wilkings at 341lbs in a class weight minimum of 330lbs. Wilkings is running 03/08 plastic and Pat is running CIK99 on interim bars. Fast lap in the final was Wilkings at 39.58 with Pat's fast lap 39.55. Everyone else slowed down while we were able to maintain our qualifying pace throughout the day.