View Full Version : WKA Grands 2004

Garry Lobaugh
08-16-2004, 12:29 PM
Here are the results from the WKA Grands at Wisconsin this past weekend:

HPV Heavy 1. Monza
2. Birel R32
HPV 1st Birel R32
3rd Monza
3 Birel
Sr. Formula Y 2nd Monza CHAMPIONSHIP
HPV Jr. 1st Birel
2nd Birel
ICC 1st Birel CR32 On Sunday, held the lead on Saturday and lost the engine. Penalized 2 spots on Sunday for sportsmanship but did WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP
2nd on Saturday
80 Jr. 1st Birel CR32 SP
2nd Birel CR32 SP
3rd Birel CR32 SP

10 of the 12 80 Jr. were on Birel.
Yamaha Heavy 3rd Birel on R32
Yamaha Light 2n Monza

In SKUSA East Jordon Dick takes a double win and the championship. 2nd Place both days Chris Kuenning both drivers on CR32 SP

Tim Megenbeir 2nd for the championship in 80 Jr. 3rd on day one and 4th on day two.

Other than the above notes, that is all I can safely talk about. I do know the the Birel drivers made quite an impact on the other front runners. In particular, the Monza made quite a splash as the one kart used by Craig Baltzer to win was sold at the end of the race. See the previous comments by Tim regarding the Monza choice for the heavy classes.

Michael Giessen was a class act of the weekend as he ran six classes in order to help the Birel cause and wound up with five podiums including three Grand National Wins! Schreiber was on fire, but engine problems marred what would have been a perfect weekend. Branam came to help back us up in the ICC and took the 2nd place position on day one after Josh's engine. On day two a bruised hip and viral infection sidelined John.

One theme runs throughout the senior classes: A 32 chassis was used in every heavy class. R30''s were only used in the Jr. Class or in Giessen's case the Sr. Sportsman.
Note Tim Megenbeir took 2nd in SKUSA on an R30 shifter chassis due to small size of the driver. It proves that this kart works for this small size kid.

MRP will be looking for new drivers to bring into the national two cycle program for 2005.