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Ron Pattison
08-16-2004, 11:00 AM
RPMotorsports Tulsa, OK Birel dealer driver, Michael Pattison has ran a 2004 R-32 Birel in various TAG events this year with great results. This weekend(Aug 14,15), Michael accepted an offer to drive a Z-32A Monza / Leopard ownedby Speedwerks Spring, TX Birel dealer in the KART regional race at the VERY demanding Houston Greyhound Track. Michael flew to Houston on Sat. and arrived at the track in time for about an hours practice. Michael jumped in the Monza, ran 4 laps and came in reporting the kart was a little bound up. Michael and Ryan Cooper of Speedwerks made a slight adjustment to the front end and Michael took the Monza back out for 6 laps, running a 51.14, which was .04 off the track record set at the recent SKUSA event. Sunday morning (raceday) Michael took the Monza out for 4 laps and broke the track record with a 50.44. Michael brough the Monza in, not wanting to give away too much information to the competition. Too Late, as the competition was gathering around the Monza and asking Michael how he liked the Kart. Michael reported the kart was "Awsome" and he liked it as well as his R-32. and that everyone should have one. Michael was first out to qualify with the Monza, He ran two warm up laps and one fast lap of 50.34, setting a new track record. He waited through qualifing by all the other Rotax and leopard karts and his 50.34 held up as the fast time for the day. Michael took the Monza out in the heat race and easilly put in on the pole of the feature race running in the mid 50's. Unfortunally, in the feature race Michael had to"loop" the kart to avoid colliding an errant tire from the barrier wall that was knocked onto the track before the track workers could remove it from the track. This robbed Michael and the Monza of a win they so diserved, but Michael recovered and brought the Monza back for a strong 2nd place finish. He recieved a rousing applause from the spectators for his great run! Michael is not going to abandon his R-32 Birel TAG, but HIGHGLY recommends the Monza to anyone looking for a Rotax or TAG kart that is fairly priced. On a personal note, I want to thank Ryan Cooper of Speedwerx for his trackside assistance. Ron

Garry Lobaugh
08-16-2004, 12:28 PM
Great report Ron and it is such a delight to see dealers working together to help build the product base for everyone. I'll post the WKA Grands results in a minute.