View Full Version : Stars East

Garry Lobaugh
08-01-2004, 05:51 PM
Saturday's results were too good to be true with Birel winning 4 of 5 classes.
Cadet- Sage Carem
ICA- Geissen
ICC Schreiber
80 Jr. Morad followed by Matt Lee
Lee would finish 2nd or 3rd in Jica

On Sunday: In Icc Josh S. Crashed and Branam stuck his engine
ICA Geissen finished 8th after spinning and a broken throttle cable
80 CC Lee/Morad for 1&2
Cadet Sage Carem again with a win
Jica Lee was on podium but I don't have the final placing.

In all it was a very good weekend, but Sunday's results could have been better. Very rough track as Lowes has not repaired the kart track. Very hot and humid as well. Maybe Stars will consider staying up North during the heat. More later. Garry