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Garry Lobaugh
07-26-2004, 04:01 PM
A customer posted this question on a private email: Chris has prepared an answer to the questiions which will follow;

2) I have been having serious handling issues with my 2004 32 SP. I just can not seem to make the kart work. I know that it is much freer than my last year 32r ( which was too tight at Moran). I have been having trouble keeping the rear end planted on exit once I go to power.

We ( at Oakland Valley) experimented with moving the seat around and now the kart has violent shimmy / front end banging on exit from apex. It is so bad it is noticeable from the side of the track and I am not enjoying to drive it at my two local tracks. Is this a common situation to have front end hops like that?
I have decided to buy a Fullerton for my local track because I know it works. But I really like the Birel and want to stay with it. I plan to race at Wisconsin in 2 weeks and not sure if I wilol be able to sort this thing out.

Maybe you can share with me how you are setting the karts up. I see Scuito is doing well with his, but I also noticed that Schreiber changed to the 31r down in JAX. I had a horrible time with the chassis down there as well. My tuners was trying to take grip away from the kart but I though tit was too loose and pushing on apex exit. Now the front end seems too tight??

I currently have:

Rear Low
Front - 2 spacers below spindle
all bars out
Rear bumper bar loose
I run the Bridgestone YHB with around 10 PSI
Front width has been around 4 rings
Rear Width between 54.5 and 55.
Seat is Tillet 1/4 padded ( 1/4 in below rail, front distance is 62 cm and 64 cm from rail, 9.5 inched from axle to top, and 50 inches from top to front rail)
I gerenally rn 1 strut per side and loosen / remove seat bolts.
I am 5' 11" and 170 lbs.
Kart ways in with 1/2 tank at 390 lbs with a 41% fr / 59% rr weight distribution.
I have had inconsistent rt / left readings lately- but last time it was 10 lbs of front left (heavier) to front right, Rear was only 4 lbs of.
I have the standard pills
I have the standard wheels
I am running the F axle
I experiment with the freeline short, med and long rear hubs. Little change.

Any guidance you can share I would be appreciated. I love the Birel, but was reluctant to buy a 31r which would have been my third Birel in under 12 months.

A Birel customer

Garry Lobaugh
07-26-2004, 04:28 PM
To answer from Chris Lobaugh:

We never take the front bar out.

Go back to the original out of the box set up.

Put the standard Birel seat or a T-9 Tillet seat in the kart.

As I stated in other postings: All of the top running drivers are using the CR32 SP. Josh tests and uses the CR31 SP from time to time, but it is our choice (MRP's) to run the CR32 all of the time. Josh makes his own decisions. Scuito has had good luck for sure and only had a small problem as reported by our dealer this last weekend. Branam and Boswell have both had great luck with the CR32 and never run a 31. We do carry the 31 in the trailer just in case, but up to this point if a customer has a budget for one kart, then our first choice is the CR32.

Next chris states the following in brief order:
Axle down
Front as you described
all bars in.. side bar out as a test.. don't worry about feel only the watch.
Tires same as stated
1 ring on the front width hubs
55 inches always to 55/1/8.. always take the rear to the max and adjust the front.
Chris wants you to change the seat
Seat bolts always tight with at least 1 set of struts
on the pills: 1 degree of castor out to 1 decgree caster in not always the same on both sides. you need an expert tuner for this analysis on the spot.
standard mag wheels
on the axle.. BDF D2.5 M K are choices but usually qualify on D 2.5 and then race on an M
Hubs run 100mm hubs ( Free Line only)
Reference buying another kart? " Anything will work its just a matter of finding something that reacts to changes you make. Next is making the right changes in the proper order"

Now from Garry In reference to the customers request: My view is that we need to work with a client first hand in order to observe the driving style and the associated difficulties. Often it is a matter of how the power is being applied, sometimes it is the braking point, and in many instances the difference in a mid level racer vs a top running driver it is all about braking. That is to say when and how hard to brake. Just because you brake at the right spot may not yield the desired amount of slowing down or front loading of the chassis.

A classic case of the new Birel brakes was watching Boswell last year at Dallas. Each time down the straight he would outbrake the guys by six kart lengths as a result of the confidence and accomplishment of the new brakes on the front and rear of the kart. He was passing 1 each lap and as many as 3 drivers. This same happend just two weeks ago as Boz came from mid pack to win the race at Stars West passing two blocking drivers in the last corner on the last lap! He out broke them to wild cheers along the fence line to win another major U.S. Karting event on his 5 race old cR32 sp.

I hope this helps all CR32 drivers and potential questions. Good luck and thanks for supporting the Birel/MRP dealer program. Garry