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Will Maze
07-04-2004, 04:07 PM
Garry - I am coming to the store again next week to purchase an AR-28 Motorsport model. I plan on purchasing the kart unassembled, and need to know what comes in the crate, so I can order whatever I need to complete the kart assembly. I have both Yamaha KT100 and HPV engines complete and ready to bolt into the kart.

Lastly, at MRP Buchanan and SBRP, can my son run both Jr Sportsman classes with both the Yamaha and HPV packages? If so, would there be 2 totally different setups for each engine package?

Will Maze

Garry Lobaugh
07-09-2004, 02:43 AM
A roller comes with wheels, pods, seat etc. The additional parts you will need is the motor mount drilled ( mount included, just not drilled) Tires, throttle linkage, air box, exhaust system, filter cup in the case of the kt 100, plus chain guard.

In terms of the HPV Sportsman, MRP does not offer that class. We have only 5 classes to run on race day. Our biggest class is the Jr. Sportsman KT100. Sometimes there are 16 drivers who show. This program has been successful as we try to teach the parents to concentrate on one class and do well in the preparation of the materials. Our program is working in this regard.

At South Bend both classes are offered and as of late the participation in both has been limited. Hope this helps.